Friday, July 17, 2009

Central Park

Everyone in this word busy in his routine life needs physical or mental refreshment so that he could do some productive work. The central Park is the place on which you can count on. It’s a place of enjoyment where you can spend sweet moments with your family members or friends. The Central park is one the famous park of New York City that’s why more than twenty five million visitors come annually. Its appearance in movies and shows has made it more popular. The park consists of lakes, picnic spots, walking paths, boat rides, carriage rides, and zoo for children etc. The areas close to the park are well known for its remarkable buildings.
Carriage Rides
Visitors can enjoy their time by having a ride on carriage horses. After the September 11 attack people were afraid of going anywhere but now it seems that things are gone back to normal .People have again started enjoying their weekends visiting parks or other attractions of new York.
Pedi cab
One of the reasons of its popularity among the visitors or New Yorkers is because of the Pedi cab. Central Park offers its visitor’s attractive way to have a view of the park through Pedi cabs .It covers ten times more distance than a carriage ride.
Central Park is the favorite spot for athletes. There is a special path way for joggers, bicyclist s, skaters. Every weekend the New York road runners organizes a race in the park of horse riding, ice skating, bicycle race etc.
Central park is also famous for its open air theatre in summer and concerts .The plays presented is mostly of William Shakespeare. These plays are of high quality which is liked by every visitor.

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