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Beach Vacation Spots


South Beach, Florida

South Beach would be my first choice in beaches for singles. It’s also one of the main nightlife beaches, so that combined with many singles is a great recipe for fun. Visiting Collins Avenue is a must if you like trendy nightclubs.

During the day, hang out on Lincoln Road. This area has a lot more to offer than just nightclubs - it’s like a huge outdoor shopping strip filled with restaurants and retail outlets, in addition to bars. You may not be into shopping much, but don’t dismiss the idea so quickly. Where there’s shopping, there’s women.

Additionally, you’ll want to check out Ocean Drive. It’s the biggest tourist spot in South Beach, usually where all the spring breakers hang out.

Rosarito Beach; Baja, Mexico

Rosarito Beach, just 20 miles south of the United States border on the Pacific Coast, is an awesome place for a slightly more mature crowd. I don’t mean old people, but singles in their mid twenties on up. If you’re not into the college scene anymore, but still like to party, get your butt down there now.

There are plenty of restaurant choices and a variety of nightclubs; not to mention the beach and tourists traps. These are all great places to meet plenty of women your own age, so you won’t feel like a scumbag.

Manhattan Beach, California

Located in southern Los Angeles County, Manhattan Beach isn’t only a great place where tourists go, but it’s also a place where you’ll see a lot of locals. Over 40% of the city’s population is made up of singles. Check out all of the tourists hot spots and also check out places where the locals hang out. Try the Village Mall for a great mixture of the two.

Margarita Island, Venezuela

Margarita Island is an island in the Caribbean Sea just north of Venezuela. You can catch some locals, but you’ll also catch a lot of vacationers as the tourism market is growing every year. Along with the beaches, there are a lot of beautiful sites to explore and a lot of places to meet women. The calming atmosphere of the Caribbean that puts everyone at ease certainly won’t hurt when you’re trying to hook-up.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Not only is Daytona Beach one of the main areas for East Coast college students to party during spring break, but it’s also a great vacationing spot for those still pretending to be in college. Demographics for the city of Daytona Beach show that more than half of its residents are from non-family households - a prime place for meeting ladies who aren’t tied down. Adding to the romantic ambiance as well as the party atmosphere are fireworks - a show is put on every Saturday night in the summer, so be sure not to miss it.


South Padre Island, Texas

The nightlife on South Padre Island is one of the most exciting and popular in the country. The island is located along the Gulf of Mexico just north of the Mexican border. There are tons of nightclubs and some of them are absolutely gigantic, often having more than one club under one roof. As attractions they have entertainment such as dance clubs, karaoke bars, live bands, and even tattoo parlors inside the club!

For added fun, check out the fireworks on the bay side of the island every Friday night in the summer.

East Hampton Main Beach, Long Island, New York

Along with the beach itself, East Hampton Main Beach has an incredible nightlife for the party goer. A lot of the night clubs are indoor/ outdoor nightclubs. A hot spot that the celebrities are said to go clubbing is called the Jet Easy.

Venice Beach, California

If you love bars and nightclubs, Venice Beach has you covered. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what type of music you like or even the kind of people you like to mingle with - Venice Beach has something for everyone. They have a jazz bar, mainly for the 30 plus crowd, a wine bar (popular with the ladies), an old style pub, an Irish pub, and vastly popular bars such as Venice Place. Some bars are loud and exciting with a high density of single people while others have more of a calming ambiance.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Do you want to go to a place with a great beach where the people really know how to party? Check out Panama Beach, located along the Gulf of Mexico in the pan handle section of Florida. This area’s got just the right combination of night clubs and beach bars. Check out the super night club called Club La Vela; they’ve got nine different dance clubs, live bands, concert events, a swimming pool, and lots of action.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

If you want to kick your nightlife in gear, New York is a great place to do it. Coney Island isn’t only an excellent entertainment spot during the day, but is a hot party place at night. With many bars and nightclubs around, Coney Island is a great place to dance, drink, and have a blast.


Haulover Beach, Florida

This “clothing optional” beach is located just north of Miami and just south of Fort Lauderdale on the Atlantic Ocean side of Florida. The beach is 800 yards long and has its own lifeguards. They claim that their man attraction is not the nude beach, but rather the scenery and activities such as surfing and volleyball. I don’t know about you, but volleyball at a nude beach sounds like a main attraction to me.

Cap d’Agde, France

If you want to really get a taste of the nudist life, take a trip to Cap d’Agde in France. It’s known as the “World Capital of Nudism”. Just knowing that may help you make your vacationing choice. In this area, it’s not just legal to go nude on the beach, but also legal in any other public places such as restaurants and shops.

Little Beach, Hawaii

This gorgeous beach has more than just landscape scenery - you can relax in paradise and watch naked babes at the same time. Little Beach also offers nude half day cruises; they don’t happen daily, but they do offer them several times a year.

Samurai Beach, Australia

Just 120 miles north of Sydney and located on the South Pacific Coast, Samurai Beach knows how to entertain on a nude beach. Why do I say that? They have an annual Nude Olympics with events such as a nude torch relay (ouch!), volleyball, tug of war, and Frisbee. Whoever came up with that idea is a genius.

Wreck Beach; British Columbia, Canada

Wreck Beach is the site of one of the most popular clothing-optional beaches, located just over the Canadian border along the Pacific Coast. With unique scenery, this beach spans nearly five miles, which not only makes it Canada’s first nude beach, but also the largest. The bare fact is that Wreck Beach is home to about a half million visitors every year.


Waikiki, Hawaii

If you love to surf or even would love to learn and you haven’t been to Waikiki, you’re missing out. With a rich history, this beach is a surfing haven for all interested. Parts of the beach are dedicated to beginners, so you shouldn’t be intimidated by what you see on television; there are more tame areas for the rookie. However, Waikiki has a lot to offer to the expert surfer as well. The waves can get to over 20 feet high!

Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Located on the North Shore of Oahu, Sunset Beach has some of the most thrilling waves around for the avid surfer. When you’re done riding the waves for the day, there are plenty of places to visit. Even if you’re not a surfer, you’ll find some of the most interesting surfing at Sunset Beach and will find it amazing to watch.

Huntington Beach, California

You can’t have a list of surfing spot without mentioning Surf City, USA. Located south of Los Angeles, Huntington Beach is known for having the ideal waves with perfect breaks. The highest waves can get up to 10 feet high. Not only is this a sanctuary for surfers, but also for man’s best friend. There’s a part of Surf City that has your dog in mind and caters to dogs and their owners.

Papara Beach, Tahiti

Papara Beach is most definitely for the advanced surfer. The waves are over 20 feet high and have a break that only experienced surfers can appreciate. However, if you’re in for entertainment, there’s plenty more to do in Tahiti than just surf, and you can watch the surfer pros have at it.

Buzios, Brazil

You’ll most likely have to travel far from home to visit the beaches of Buzios. Located in the South Atlantic Ocean of Brazil, Buzios has 23 beaches to choose from. Go beach hopping and find out what makes each beach special. The beautiful scenery, the warm weather, and the awesome waves will keep you entertained for weeks. You won’t want to go home.

North Americas top 15 vacation spots

It's not hard to find a common characteristic among Forbes Traveler's top 15 North American vacation spots: sun, sand and sea clearly dominate the leisure-destination favorites.

From the sprawling, desert-oasis swimming pools of Las Vegas to the golden sands of Maui, warmth and water rank high on the list of features sought after by vacationers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

We gathered data on flights, hotels, vacation packages and customer preferences from six major travel organizations and agencies (,, Hotwire's,, the Carlson Wagonlit travel agency network, and Cruise Lines International Association, Inc.) to present a snapshot of the hottest vacation hangouts during the past year.
While tropical climes comprise the lion's share of our list, not all preferred vacation paradises are perpetually sun-soaked. Some sites, such as the famous sands of Oahu's Waikiki Beach or the theme-park mecca Orlando, Florida, were warm-weather shoo-ins. But others—like the decidedly un-tropical metropolises of New York or Chicago—appealed to travelers with their urban charms.

The vacations division at Carlson Wagonlit Travel has seen a roughly 35 percent increase in clients booking vacations to North American cities this year, said Gerard Bellino, the company's Vice President of U.S. Leisure. New York, San Francisco, and Orlando top Carlson Wagonlit's best-seller list for 2009—and all three ranked highly on the lists of the other agencies we polled.

North America top 15 Vacation spots
"Orlando has historically been a popular family vacation destination," said Bellino. "However, the increased popularity of New York and San Francisco is likely because hotel pricing is more affordable this year, making these normally pricey destinations much more attractive and affordable for vacationers."
Other travel experts echoed Bellino's findings about budget-conscious trends in recent travel. "A driving vacation or a regional vacation is looking more attractive this year than last," said Genevieve Brown, senior editor at Travelocity, who added that "value-added promotions are more plentiful this year. We're seeing an abundance of deals."

Travelocity's findings lined up with top-sellers at other agencies we polled—Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles and New York City led the online travel agency's best-seller list. And Brown pointed out some of the top-selling vacation activities within those markets: "Blue Man Group", the multimedia theatrical performance, was the top Travelocity seller for Las Vegas and Chicago, while Broadway shows were the most popular activity for vacationers in New York City, and Disneyland drew tourists visiting Los Angeles.
The top destinations at Travel-Ticker (a division of focused on "travelers looking for inspirational or leisure-focused travel") also revealed a mix of urban and tropical destinations. Las Vegas, Chicago and New York led the online agency's list of best-sellers for the past 12 months, but balmier destinations were well-represented: Among Travel-Tickers most popular vacation packages were waterfront San Diego resorts, four-star Orlando resorts near Disneyland, Big Island (Hawaii) and Waikiki condos, and resorts in the Bahamas.
Overall, the Forbes Traveler list is distinctly ocean-colored, and the Caribbean was home to many vacationers' favorite stops. (We’re pushing the boundaries of “North America,” but we felt that much of the Caribbean belonged on the list because of north-of-the equator location and proximity to the U.S. and Mexico.) A 2008 Cruise Lines International Association survey found that the Caribbean/Eastern Mexico was the most popular cruise destination (43 percent of respondents listed it as the destination they were most likely to go to on their next cruise vacation).

The Caribbean and Eastern Mexico also figured prominently on several other agencies' top-seller lists. Cancun and the "Mayan Riviera," the stretch of coastline along the Caribbean side of the Yucatan Peninsula, made the top 15 on the travel web site Expedia. Sunbathing and water sports, such as snorkeling and scuba diving in the spectacular Great Maya Reef, fill up travelers' itineraries in the resort-lined beaches along the coast of the Mexican state Quintana Roo.

From golf to shopping to fine dining to cultural and historical riches, the vacation destinations on our list will appeal to a wide variety of travelers. Read the slideshow to see which destinations made the cut.

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Sea World at Orlando

Just like Disney world and universal studio Sea world is another theme park of Orlando. It’s a place for people who love visiting places where they can see some sea animals like dolphins, whales, turtle’s alligators and many more. Mostly people love to see dolphins because they are the friendliest fish in the world that plays with you. Those who are dolphin lovers sea world is right place for them. Sea world gives them the opportunity to feed them. Sea world is the one of the most popular amusement park of Orlando. More than5.8 million people visit sea world every year. And it ranks as the 1number 12 in the world where you can experience the fun, excitement of all rides and also discover the life of ocean which inhabits them.
Just like other theme parks sea world is not divided into lands or sections there are some distinct areas within the park. One of the well known areas of Sea world is shamus happy harbor. It’s a play area for children where they can observe a killer whale. Shamus plays with the whale and show some tricks which everyone can enjoy. When the whale jumps you can imagine how it will feel. It’s so fascinating and interesting. There are also some family rides which can boost their fun time and give them some of sweet unforgettable memories for ever.
The water front which is the new section of sea world its theme is based on Mediterranean village. This section is for people who are crazy about shopping and eating .They can shop and buy some of the items that most attracted hem in the sea world .They could buy some decoration piece or a share to keep their memory alive. Whenever they will see it, it will take them back to the memories which they experienced during their visit.
Sea world has many attractions that a visitor would love to visit whether it is the ride(Kraken a floorless roller coaster, a boat ride with roller coaster elements, a junior roller coaster with cars themed as Shamu, Sky Tower, 400-foot tall rotating observation tower, Swishy Fishes, a teacups ride themed as fish) animal exhibit where you will go through underground tunnel and you can observe killing dangerous shark. Imagine a shark is front of you there is only a glass in between you and the shark is looking towards you how will you feel.
If you get a chance to visit Orlando don’t miss the fun you will experience in sea world. You sure will love it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Disney world

Disney world the happiest place on earth where you keep your worries, and sadness behind and feel the excitement and fun of being over there. It’s a place where all your dreams come true. The cartoon characters which you always see in television they are all in front of you. Imagine how children’s feel when they meet their favorite cartoon characters Mickey Mouse, goofy, Disney princess like Cinderella, Snow white and others. The happiness and smiles on their face would be priceless. It all began with the smaller Disneyland in Anaheim, California in 1955, when Walt Disney decided to incorporate his cartoons and animation studio into a theme park. The concept of Walt Disney behind building Disney world was that people could leave their worries outside the park and the concept proved to be successful. The streets are clean, the colors are bright, the sights, sounds, and smells are pleasant ones, and everyone wears a big smile. Disney world is so big that you can never visit it in one day.
Disney world which can also be called the Magic Kingdom you will find different lands with lots of attractions. Those who have the courage and are brave enough can also feel the excitement and thrill of taking rides. Visitors will have to decide first which land to discover first. Adventure land, Fantasyland, Frontier land, tomorrow land, and of course, Mickey's Toon town Fair.
Fantasy Land
People who are fan of Disney cartoons Fantasy land is the right place for them, when they will enter the Sleeping beauty castle you will enter the world of fairy tales, magic and classic Disney style. There are lots of rides for children based on the concept of cartoon stories like Dumbo flying elephant, King Arthur’s Carousel, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. But keep in mind if your children are scared of villains of cartoons then avoid these rides because these villains can suddenly come near you without any warning. Sometimes it happens that you have to wait hours for your turn in the ride so if to avoid the waiting hit the area first in the day or late night when most of the families and children depart. Fantasyland is dedicated to the children who think wishing upon a star your dream will come true.
Frontier Land
People who are interested of being a cowboy he must wear his cowboy hat and guide his horse over to frontier land. Disneyland allows visitors to meet Mark Twain, explore with Tom Sawyer, and listen to some good old fashioned cowboy humor. The concept behind this area was that as the interest of Wild West life was increasing because of the television shows and movies visitors not only experienced the rides but also the entire environment of Wild west. Wagons crossing, pack mules and Canoes. Visitors to the original area could travel through the Living Desert, an area filled with bubbling pots of rainbow colored mud, riding on a stagecoach or wagon.
Mickey's Toon town
Mickey’s Toon town is a fun and lively area of the Disneyland Park, Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin is one of the admirable ride of Mickey’s Toon town which should not be missed. The rides consists of spins in the fantasy land story rides, The rides could spin in the either direction or visitors can also increase the spin of their rides if they like more adventure and thrill in their rides. There is a gadget coaster for children. Children can take rides of it because it is kids friendly. Children can also take a ride of Chip’n’Dale franchise Adults will not be able to take these ride because the cars of these rides are so small they cannot fit in these cars. Toon town does not have many thrill rides. Children can visit Mickey Mouse’s home and play in Chip’n’Dale’s Tree house. Children love going to the homes of their favorite cartoon characters .This area is less crowded as compared to the other parts of the land.

Universal Studio Resort

Everyone’s life must be full of enjoyment. He must know the ways of celebrating. He should know what will make him and his family happy. City of Orlando is the right place where all your dreams come true. This is a place when you will experience the fun, thrill it will give you lots of memories that will remain with you forever. You will always laugh when thinking of these memories .They will be price less for you.
Your visit to Florida will be incomplete if you will not visit Universal Orlando resort. It’s such a famous place that nobody will ever afford to miss it. It is second largest attraction point of Orlando. Universal Studio is a place that is offering lots of rides and attractions that makes you feel that you are living the life of movie. It is not uncommon to watch movies being filmed during your visit to the studios. Just like Disney world Universal Studio also has it uniqueness. The rides are so dangerous that it can take your breath away. So people who are sensitive should avoid these rides. Universal Studio all kind of rides of your favorite cartoon characters or Film actors whether it is The new Simpsons Ride ™ ,Men in Black Attack ™, Shrek 4-d™ and Revenge of the Mummy. You can also visit the islands of adventure where you can meet your favorite comic books, cartoon heroes and children’s stories come to life on the most innovative rides and attractions ever created. The rides offered for youngsters or adults are high speed roller coasters. There are also fanciful children’s rides to innovative 3-D attractions,
Incredible Hulk Coaster
People who likes adventurous and thrill rides here is a chance for them to have a real time experience. This ride is so adventurous and thrilling that it can take your breath away. In this rides something goes wrong with Dr. Bruce Banner's gamma-ray accelerator. Suddenly you're launched from zero to 40 mph in two seconds flat! At that time there is nothing you can do. The only thing you can do is hold tight to the Hulk coaster.
The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
Spider-Senses Will Be tickling you. You will be given a 3-D glass for an eye-popping, pulse-pounding, 3-D Spider-Man thrill ride. Careening through the streets and swinging high above the city, you'll see, hear, and actually FEEL the action of Spider-Man's most amazing adventure ever
Dueling Dragons
It’s a ride where you will be fully inverted. It will take you 12 5 feet in the air and runs with a speed off 55. There are two dragons for these rides having its uniqueness one is the fire Dragon and other is Ice Dragon.
Jurassic Park River Adventure
Imagine yourself you being the lunch time menu of a dinosaur or T- Rex. You can have an adventure on river raft drive. You can see dinosaurs in their natural habitats but one thing that must be kept in mind before going there is that all the fences will be down from anywhere the dinosaur can come and eat you and if a T- Rex comes there is only way you can escape from him that is 85-foot push in total darkness!
Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges
It’s a ride that will sure make you happy. You will love it. You can discover out how adventurous the ride is. You will be helping Popeye to rescue Olive Oyl from control of that Bluto. But one important thing is that Popeye will be needing spinach before his fight with Bluto. This will be a wet ride. Those who like wet rides here is a right chance
Universal City walk
Universal City Walk is the most favorite spot for youngsters. It is the most modern and hot spot for dining and entertainment. It’s a great place to hang out with friends or there’s a lot of fun for couple’s too. It’s a entertainment complex where you can experience the best of the best in live music, casual and fine dining, dancing, shopping, movies, and more. There is a dance club where you can enjoy the latest sound systems and you can also dance on 70s and 80s hits. People who like going to night clubs they can also enjoy their time.
City walk gives you the most convenience .It is located right between the parks and hotels. You can easily reach there without any difficulty. You can get there by water taxi or by a short casual walk. It all depends upon you that best suit you.

Vacation in Florida

Florida is a place where anyone will love to go because it’s a place where all dreams come true. There are many tourist attractions in Florida especially in the city of Orland. So if you decide to go to Florida it is necessary you plan everything before going there otherwise you will end up with frustration and get exhausted.
The most important thing for non Americans or those who are arriving from overseas must have their own machine readable passports so that nothing ruins your trip. Mostly people decide to go to Florida in summer because weather is less intense and crowdedness is less as compared to other seasons.
Another issue that must be decided before going is that you must have an idea of where you are going to stay. The more close to the tourist attractions you will be having more convenience. You also have to manage your budgets so it’s necessary that accommodation you book suits you

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Blind Pass Beach in Florida

If you are looking for a romantic vacation Florida is the right place. Especially when it comes to couples where they can really enjoy Florida beaches is the best place for them. When you think about a romantic vacation you sure be dreaming how you would like to spend your time with your loved one. It may be a place where there is an oceanfront with strolls and picnic on the beach near it you would like a cottage or a luxurious penthouse to stay where you can dance in the moonlight and dine with your love one. You sure would be looking for memories that would remain with you forever.
Although there are many other beaches which may be counted as a romantic beach but one of the romantic beaches is Blind pass beach. It is at the north end of the island which is long away from anywhere .It also gives you the feelings that you are far away from the crowd; No one will be shouting .There isn’t any high buildings .Its place where you can relax, you can have a long walk ,you can enjoy watching sunset and spend all your time with your loved one.
There are also small cottages on the beach where any couple would love to stay. You can dance in the moonlight and dine with your loved one. Couples can also find some restaurants in the beach resort community. As there is not much crowd at the beach the couples who want to spend their time with each other they can also enjoy the food over there.
Lastly you will be just a short drive from Captiva. If you visit Blind Pass Beach you must not miss the chance of visiting captiva. At least you must save one day for walking around captiva. And most unique island experience in Florida. Sanibel and captiva are two sister islands which is a very special place and has many things to offer. You will not find any fast food chain or a shopping mall. It has many green spaces and its so beautiful that itself will attract your eyes. You can find some restaurants and if you are interested in reading or finding about the history of the island you can visit the bookstore. Some people come here after retirement to spend some time relaxing during the months of November through April. Some people dream of having a second home near a beach where they can enjoy the sunset, beach view walking on the beach and many more.The prices of these homes range half million dollar or above. There are also schools for children.So Sanibel and Captiva also counts in one of the romantic beach of Florida

Central Park

Everyone in this word busy in his routine life needs physical or mental refreshment so that he could do some productive work. The central Park is the place on which you can count on. It’s a place of enjoyment where you can spend sweet moments with your family members or friends. The Central park is one the famous park of New York City that’s why more than twenty five million visitors come annually. Its appearance in movies and shows has made it more popular. The park consists of lakes, picnic spots, walking paths, boat rides, carriage rides, and zoo for children etc. The areas close to the park are well known for its remarkable buildings.
Carriage Rides
Visitors can enjoy their time by having a ride on carriage horses. After the September 11 attack people were afraid of going anywhere but now it seems that things are gone back to normal .People have again started enjoying their weekends visiting parks or other attractions of new York.
Pedi cab
One of the reasons of its popularity among the visitors or New Yorkers is because of the Pedi cab. Central Park offers its visitor’s attractive way to have a view of the park through Pedi cabs .It covers ten times more distance than a carriage ride.
Central Park is the favorite spot for athletes. There is a special path way for joggers, bicyclist s, skaters. Every weekend the New York road runners organizes a race in the park of horse riding, ice skating, bicycle race etc.
Central park is also famous for its open air theatre in summer and concerts .The plays presented is mostly of William Shakespeare. These plays are of high quality which is liked by every visitor.

Time Square

The tour of the New York City for any visitor must be started with the Time Square because it is one of the most entertaining, funs, enjoyable which anyone could have thought of. What comes to mind when a person who has no idea about a time square is it a square? Certainly not it’s more like a triangle with the intersection of streets. It’s located at the 7th avenue cross at 42nd street; it is one of the busiest cities of the New York City where you will see lots of people busy in their activities. Some of them will be going to theaters, some of them to restaurants and some of them are busy in shopping. Some will be busy in parties. Some will be seen going to Disney stores. Everyone will be enjoying. Friends, couples, families all of them will be seen having fun.
It was named as Time Square because long before the New York Times building was built there, Time square is famous for its billboards, lights, street performers. As the time passed the New York Times moved away but the name stuck. Time square is also famous celebrating New year eve. The tradition was started by the New York Times when it began putting on an annual fireworks display in the area. Millions of people gather every year on New Year's Eve to celebrate the beginning of a new year in New York City. When the last minute starts millions of people start counting as the clock struck 12 all the firework starts and a ball drops Millions of people will be shouting showing their happiness and excitement. This is one of the site which any tourist will don’t like to miss at any cost.

Empire state Building

One of the famous places which tourists love to see is the Empire state building. It’s located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and west 24th street. The building comprises of 102 floors. It’s the 12th tallest building in the world. It stood as the tallest building for more than 40 years till the construction of world trade center. After the 9/11 attack on world trade center empire state building again became the tallest building of New York City. The Building is so tall that even in the stormy weather it is visible from anywhere in the city. The American Engineers name Empire state building as Seven Wonders of the World. Its architecture is one of the favorite of American society that why it was ranked number one.
It also makes a beautiful view for it surrounding building. It can be viewed who is standing far away from it. Any one walking at the street or a businessman when he is taking a break will love to stop and have a gaze of the building especially in the night when it is lightened with red blue and green light. The lights of the building also symbolize as the New York holiday decorations especially on Christmas and New Year.
Visitors are allowed to take a round on the 86th floor and they can view the whole New York City from the top. The 86th floor is named as the observation Deck. You can view the never ending view of the New York City. Visitors are also provided with audio tours and with binoculars. The cars parked on the street below look so tiny from the 86th floor. A view of the George Washington Bridge from the top is stunning. On a clear day visitor can have a view of country side about 80 miles far distance. Those who are interested to go on the top floor they need to pay some extra dollars and from there they can have a view of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. The people living a New York city can live there for all their life but once they should have a view from the top how big and busy the city is.

Statue of Liberty in New York

One of the great places where you can enjoy is statue of liberty. There may be some people who can think what to see about statue of liberty it’s just a statue but that’s not right. It’s a great place to visit. It was gifted to Americans by the people of France .The statue is a symbol of friendship, freedom and democracy. The statue is weaning a crown which has 25 windows which shows gemstones and the seven rays of the crown represent seven seas and continents of the world. She’s holding a torch and tablet in her hand.
First you will have to take the ticket of ferry where you can enjoy your ride .Weather also plays an important role. The cool breeze and rain adds in your excitement when you are having a ride on ferry.Ferry will take you near the statue where Visitors can experience a special insider's view .To better understand this monumental work of art, visitors can view inside the Statue through a glass ceiling, guided by a park ranger, an enhanced lighting and new video system. In addition, visitors can once again enjoy walking out onto the Statue's observation deck to see the panoramic views of New York City and the Harbor, and witness the Statue up close from her promenades on Ft. Wood.
To enter the monument visitors will be requiring a monument pass. Monument Passes are available in advance with the purchase of Reserve Tickets online at; a limited number of Monument Passes are available each day at the ticket booth by request on a first-come, first-serve basis. When on the island, the pass holders will be required of screening before going inside the monument. It may take some time.
Visitors can get chance to experience about the statue construction, learn about it history and also they can have view from the top of statue .if a visitor does not have any pass there is no need to worry he can enjoy by having a walk round the island, view interpretive waysides, listen to an audio tour (fee), eat at the restaurant, or by purchasing gifts from the gift shop

Thursday, July 16, 2009

London Aquarium

One of the most interesting tourist attraction spot is the London Aquarium where you can experience lots of adventures. These adventures and experience will add up in your memories and you will never forget this experience. It’s a place that enhances your excitement. The London Aquarium takes you close to the Sea Life. You can have experiences of almost all sea creatures starting from green sea turtles to tropical sharks. People who are interested and get excited experiencing the sea Life creatures London aquarium is the right place.
Situated in the heart of London, the experience takes visitors on an immersive and interactive journey along the Great Oceanic Life. London Aquarium is located on the ground floor of County Hall on the South Bank of the River Thames in central London, near the London Eye. When tourists visit the city of London they can also visit London experience to increase their excitement. It first opened in 1997. Millions of visitors come every year and view all the sea creatures. The attraction has recently undergone a £5million renovation.
The underwater tunnel of London aquarium makes it more attractive and increases the excitement of visitors so that they can have a close view of the species. The London Aquarium has a collection of water tanks showing around 400 species of fish. The aquarium includes three floors and 14 different zones (freshwater stream, Atlantic upper, rivers and ponds, Pacific upper, Indian Ocean, Atlantic lower, Ray pool, temperate waters, Pacific lower, coral reef, invertebrates, tropical freshwater, mangrove and rainforest). The Pacific and Atlantic zones both contain large tanks with numerous species; the Pacific tank contains Green Sea turtles and various species of sharks such as Sand Tigers, Brown Sharks and Nurse Sharks. Imagine a shark is on the other side of the window and shark is looking at you. In between you and shark there is only a glass window. In that situation how would you feel? What will come in your mind? Will you be frightened?
The attraction officially became a Sea Life Center in April 2009.

Vacation In Thailand

Tourists from all over the world go for vacations to Thailand every year. It is a really popular country to travel to with backpackers and with families. One of the most favored Thailand vacation spots is the island of Phuket, Thailand's biggest one.

The island contains picturesque beaches and a diversified scenery of rain forest and mountains. After the destruction of the 2005 tsunami the tourism industry of the island has recovered exceptionally well. Phuket International Airport is the entrance to the island where visitors fly in.

As well as most Thailand vacation spots Phuket offers a wide range of nice hotels, luxury resorts and ordinary guesthouses. One of the best hotels to get a memorable travel vacation is the Amari Coral Beach Hotel Resort. It is well known for its comforts and excellent service.

The holiday resort is located on Patong Beach, which is one of the most populated in the region and not to far away from Phuket Town. Hotel guests are able to relax in a peaceful and tranquilly atmosphere however are near to nightlife if they would like. The resort is equipped in a convenient, modern way and from the balcony of each of the 197 guest rooms guests enjoy the fantastic views over the bay. There are two different room categories, Superior and Deluxe. Both categories come with breakfast buffet.

Among the facilities of the resort are a cocktail bar, massage treatments, laundry and baby-sitting service. In each room you will find security safe, air conditioning, a mini bar, hairdryer, and TV. The facilities of the bathroom facilities are en suite. Especially for business guests are conference rooms available and the function room is provided for private parties. The resort offers a wide range of meals. At the poolside you can relax in the cafes while the Lobby Bar offers snacks all day. If you like a more romantic setting with terrific sea views then visit La Gritta Italian Restaurant. Traditional Thai dishes are served in the Kinaree Thai Restaurant. At the open air Rim Talay Restaurant you could enjoy a wide range of international dishes.

The Amari Coral Beach Resort is the perfect place for sunbathing on the beach or being pampered at the hotel spa. For the more active traveler there are a lot of things they can do. There are two swimming pools, tennis courts, a fitness center, and not to forget a scuba diving center, because diving is one of the most favored sports for Thailand visitors. After all, guests can enjoy to relax in a hot sauna. Kids and teens will appreciate the games room of the hotel.

The Coral Beach Hotel Resort takes part in the Hotel Club Membership Program. This means that members, no matter individuals or corporations, are able to earn points whenever they stay in a club hotel or resort. These awards are redeemed for free stays or discounted rooms not only at Thailand vacation spots. You can use them worldwide. You will get also contests for members and referrals to family and friends to gain more points.

China Vacation Destinations

When considering taking a trip to China you might want to visit a few vacation destinations or choose a sweeping tour of the country. China is one of the biggest countries in the world with plenty of historical sites and beautiful sceneries that are unique to only this region of the world.

It is possible to pick one area or city in China and not see all things even in a week and in some areas, a month. Therefore it is really important when preparing your China vacation, to consider which vacation destinations you really want to visit and on the other hand what you have time for. You may prefer to keep one or two destinations in reserve if you find out you have more time that you thought before. No matter what places you select, you can be sure that your trip will be unique and mind-blowing.

One destination you might prefer to visit is Yongding. Here you can see the ring like forts of the Hakka minority. These outstanding forts housed hundreds of members of the same family name and held the ancestral chronicle that is thousand of years old intact. Not only did these forts protect the families from the wild hoards but they stood as castles and palaces that presented the wealth of a family name and the honor it was to belong to that family. It is one of the most impressive architecture that presents the domestic family ties that are superabound in China.

Yushu in the Qinghai province is one more of China's great vacation destinations. At this place Chinese culture is mixed with the Tibetan culture and you can get the best of both worlds. Even though the Chinese government has put political pressure on the Tibetans, these descendants of great warriors will welcome you into their village. You are able to shop the local markets and visit Tibetan monasteries that have adumbrated the village for a thousand years. This cultural venture will be the highlight of any China vacations.

If you would like to add a more spiritual experience to your China vacation, you shouldn't miss the town of Jianshui in the Yunnan district. This village was built during the Han dynasty and at this place you can visit the third largest Confusion temple in the country. Also you will take in a mixture of Qing and Ming dynasty architecture that will present a great impression of culture and history right before your eyes. In this area rice farming is abundant and you are able to bicycle or hike through terraced fields that you may have only seen before in your fourth grade geography book.

It doesn't matter what city, area, or province you prefer on your China vacations, all of the time friendly people will welcome you who are just as curious about you as you are of them. Through the thousands of years of history, this country and its people can provide you a journey of a lifetime and an education of a culture that has been and will be an influence to the rest of the world for another thousand years to come. If you want to be more familiar with each of the China vacation destinations listed above, you should do a little research online, and find out more information. Once you get a little sense of taste of what is offered at that place, you will be preparing your China vacation right away.

Vacation In Philippines

The Philippines is known for its 7,107 islands with a lot of beaches and natural resources to boast of. This has a world class beauty that is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Thus, if you are looking for affordable Philippine vacation spots then there are a lot of tourism information about vacation packages including hotels resorts to places you can travel without the need to break the bank and have fun all at the same time.

Baguio can be your first Philippines vacation stop. This place is located in the northern part of the country and is known as the summer capital of the Philippines. The Philippines is known for being a tropic land thus, going to Baguio will set you to a relaxing and refreshing vacation especially during summer season. The Mansion, Burnham Park, Mines View, these are some of those beautiful spots that you will see in Baguio. This is a 5 to 6 hour drive from Manila the capital of the Philippines. You will find cheap hotel rooms all around the vicinity of Baguio. February is the best time of the year to go to Baguio and witness its beauty. An annual celebration of the Panagbennga Festival or flower festival is being held in this season of the year.

If you to go to the Southern Luzon part of the country and want a much accessible place with short hour drive, then you can go to Tagaytay. This is considered as one of the most affordable Philippine vacation spots in the country. This city is also similar to Baguio with its refreshing environment and breathtaking beauty. If you go to Tagaytay, you will see the Peoples Park, Tagaytay Highlands and a lot more that your family will surely enjoy on their holiday.

If you want to have a relaxing day at the beach, then you can go to Subic. Subic is a famous tourist destination in the Philippines with its accessibility and a lot of different options to choose from. If you love adventure then going to the Subic Safari Zoo or do trekking can be a fun option. You can also watch live dolphin performance at the Ocean Adventure. If you want to relax in the beach or see beautiful schools of fishes then going to a resort called Camayan Island is the best place to be. Camayan Beach resort is the famous resort in Subic with few walks away from Ocean Adventure. You can also go to Long hands beach resort and other budget travel resorts in the city.

Your next stop can be in Pangasinan and visit the Philippines famous hundred islands. This paradise has literally hundreds of islands like the Governor's Island, Children's Island, Romulo Island and a lot more that you can discover through island hopping. You can choose to stay for an overnight at these islands and experience the feeling of living and staying in an island with no electricity. You can go snorkeling or just simply bathe yourself in the beautiful white sand beaches.

Truly, the Philippines have a lot of affordable Philippine vacation spots and is rich with natures resources.

Romantic Vacation In China

Whenever you are looking for a romantic getaway for you and your significant other, you might want to consider selecting China for your next vacation spot.

In these days China vacations are becoming more and more popular because of the rich tradition and exotic culture that has been maintained in China for thousands of years. Though traveling to the historical places is a good reason to visit China, a couple can get romantic Vacations to revive the fire of their love and having at the same time a fantastic, mind-blowing vacation that will give them memories for a lifetime. China vacation packages come in a wide range you can choose from, however there is one offer that couples in love will go for more than most.

Whether you are looking for a destination to honeymoon or a spot to revive old love, China provides a lot of romantic hotels with features you would only expect to find in America or in Europe. There are China travel packages that offer a stay in the Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai. This great accommodation is only a twenty minute drive from International airport named Hong Qioa and provides beautiful views from over five hundred room and deluxe suites that were designed with the romantic vacation in mind. The hotel will offer the finest in service and quality and if you are mixing pleasure with business the hotel has state of the art catering services and conference rooms that will satisfy any business guest.
You and your special someone can also enjoy great shopping when staying at this hotel. It is located right in the middle of the shopping and commercial district.

Even if you just bundle up in your room and don't want to go out of the hotel, you are able to enjoy a few of the best dining experiences Shanghai has to offer. They feature six lounges and restaurants that are awarding winning with their mix of diversity of cuisine and culinary delights. They even feature a health spa where couples can work out together and a hot tub and pool to relax in after a hard day of discovering the attractions. A stay at the Ritz on China vacations can even offer great entertainment. The hotel is situated only ten minutes away from the Shanghai Museum and the Shanghai Grand Theatre.

There are China travel packages that may even include ground transportation and airfare to go along with your stay at the Shanghai Ritz. As you jet off to this romantic China vacation spot only your imagination would be the limit. The culture is so historical and rich that you will be astonished at the split between the modern and past architecture you will see around this vacation spot. There is one building that will be built thousands of years ago and preserved perfectly in the original cultural manner and the next building will look like a sky scrapper you could even see in New York.

So when you and your spouse sit down to plan your next romantic vacation, you should have in mind that china vacations can cater to your every whim. You are able to take in a distinct culture and experience historical places that are thousands of years old and at the same time you are able to bring your relationship together and have a stronger bond between you and your significant other.

Dominican Republic

Going to popular vacation spots like the Dominican Republic is really comfortable. From Miami it is only a flight of 1 hour and from New York it's just about 3 hours. Probably this is one of the reasons why this vacation spot has become so popular.

While you could pick out each item, airfare, hotel, eating, and entertainment separately, the more beneficial deal is to look for a package that comes with everything, even with your tips.

Naturally you can go with well established online travel sites like Travelocity, Priceline, Travelnow, or Caribbean, where you probably can find great bargains. Another option is to deal directly with the hotel. You can call or email the hotel or resort you would like to visit in order to get a general idea what kind of deal they can offer to you.

In the Dominican Republic you can find a lot of hotels and resorts to choose from and nearly all of these are all inclusive. You get all what you want to have a really fun and relaxing time. An example of a good all inclusive deal has a 4-day, 5-night vacation package that comes with an economy round trip airplane ticket from your home town with hotel, drinks, food, and entertainment included. The price for such a package was for anytime in January 2008 and after $699.00. This offer was for the Puerto Plata Iberostar Costa Dorada Hotel resort, conveniently located half-hour from the airport.

On the Lifestyle Tropical Beach resort you can get at Cofresi Beach beachfront hotel the perfect deal for families. This hotel features comfortable rooms with patios or balconies. There is a bar placed directly at the pool and a special swimming area for the kids. There is only a short walking distance to the Ocean World Adventure Park and the Marina. For some other local establishments the hotel provides trade vouchers. So you are able to try out other places to serve you.

Highlight of the Ocean World is a Sea Lion, you can watch two times a day, a bird aviary, a reef for snorkeling, and a Rainforest show. Of course kids will enjoy that park. In the Marina there is a Casino for adult entertainment. For this holiday resort you will get a 4-night package for less than $750 for each person. Think second honeymoon, so it may be a good idea to bring your mother-in-law along to watch your kids.

Whenever you are in search of an alternative to the hotel and resort experience there is all of the time the option of vacation rentals. On the internet you can find some sites that are specialized in making these kinds of arrangements. These sites offer a wide range of rentals. You can get everything from a very reasonable apartment rental to the rental of a luxury villa. Really beautiful is the "Castle Villa in Sousa/Cabareta," a villa with a private pool and 2 bedrooms and baths.

Another possibility when going to this popular vacation spots is Bed and Breakfasts. Even though on the internet you'll find only a few information about this offer. To check these out you almost have to be in the country, because Bed and Breakfasts are accommodations in private residences. If you are able to take in a more individual vacation these can be great arrangements.In this way you are able to actually experience the locals of this beautiful country. No matter what option you are going with, you can be sure to have a great time in the Dominican Republic.

Cayman island

The Caymans tend to be overshadowed by their larger neighbor islands in the Caribbean. However many people enjoy to travel to the Cayman islands due to the intimate sound of them.

The first tourist was Christopher Columbus when he first spotted them in 1503. Nowadays The Caymans are a territory of the United Kingdom. This is why they drive on the left side of the road. There are three islands, Little Cayman, Grand Cayman, and Cayman Brac, that make up that top vacation destinations. For tourists that want to be active there are many things to do at the islands. Most tourists enjoy looking forward to sipping their Pina Colada at the end of the day, and view the sundown over the bay.

Cayman island and tourism attracts with white sandy beaches and duty free shopping. In the many duty free shops tourists want to shop for perfume, china, crystal, jewelry and watches. The Cayman Islands dollar is the local currency. In wintertime temperature average is 75F and 80F in the summer. Most travelers like that moderate climate. A vacation to The Caymans features a wide range of sports, including board sailing, parasailing, water skiing, and sportfishing. You have also the ability to play tennis or to play golf on the Jack Nicklaus golf course. If you're not afraid, you can experience a submarine excursion descent to hundred feet. A submarine for two persons will take you 800 feet down to view a shipwreck.

The most impressive tourist attraction is the Seven Mile Beach at Grand Cayman. Here you'll find also most of the resorts and hotel facilities for your Cayman vacation. It's a popular place for snorkel divers where you are able to swim with sting rays. Scuba divers enjoy to discover the wreaks and reefs here in the water that is as clear as it gets. Other favored activities for tourists are horse riding or taking a trail thru the forest for hikers.

The capital of George Town, is located on Grand Cayman. It is a large port of call for many cruise ships in the Caribbean. Grand Cayman tours including George Town offer lot of activities. One of the highlights is to visit a turtle farm which holds over 14,000 turtles. You can also experience the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and the Cayman Islands National Museum. Great places for shopping are the many designer outlet shops, including Fendi and Gucci, and in the evening you may visit one of the many delightful restaurants to enjoy an excellent dining.

Cayman island and tourism traveling come also with some history. You can experience the ruins of Fort George built in 1790 at the harbor. When planning your vacation to the grand Cayman islands it may be a good idea to time your trip to on the Pirates Week Festival. This great event on Cayman island and tourism comes with fireworks displays and mocks pirate landings.

Top 10 Wonders of the West

When someone mentions the West and a great American vacation, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and even California's Gold Coast might come to your mind. Whether you're going on a summer vacation or a long-weekend getaway in the fall, your time in the West is sure to be memorable. From the hottest, lowest, driest and certainly the most beautiful places in the West, the Travel Channel counts down the "Top 10 Wonders of the West."

10. Death Valley, Calif.
Death Valley is a land of harsh extremes, but it wasn't always that way. Now the ultimate desert landscape, Death Valley was once the bottom of a sea on the earth's equator. Today, the only moisture you'll find in this desert is your perspiration.

Death Valley hits an average high temperature of 120 degrees in the summer, and it is the lowest and driest spot in the world. The valley temperatures are nothing to play around. According to park rangers, approximately three people die there every year from exposure. But try not to let these statistics discourage you from visiting Death Valley. Millions come year-round to soak in the sun, have an organized hike and take in the beauty of this vast, open landscape.

9.Columbia River Gorge

East of Portland, Ore., flows the Columbia River Gorge. In 1916, the first highway ever built in the United States was constructed along the cliffs of the Columbia River, no doubt so that travelers could take in the beautiful views. The Columbia River region has one of the highest concentrations of waterfalls in the United States. It's home to the second-highest year-round flowing waterfall in the United States, Multnomah Falls, which stands an eye-popping 620 feet high. It's no wonder that nearly 2 million visitors come each year.

8. Arches National Park, Utah
Take a first glance at Arches National Park and you would think several sculptors got together and created something absolutely breathtaking. Not so - in fact, centuries of wind and water have sculpted the Utah sandstone into over 2,000 natural arches. You won't find more arches in one place anywhere else in the world.

Aside from the obvious reason 1.5 million visitors come to the Arches National Park each year, the park also brings in the adventurous traveler. Case in point: extreme mountain biking was born at Arches. "Slick Rock Trail" is 9 miles of heart-pounding adventure, a trail etched out of slippery sandstone that can be deadly for the inexperienced cyclist.

Arches National Park lies right in the middle of a desolate, treacherous and demanding landscape. Temperatures can easily each into the hundreds, making an afternoon walk or ride feel like a trip into a preheated oven.

7. Carlsbad Caverns, N.M.

Under New Mexico's Guadalupe Mountains, roughly 750 feet down, exists a maze of tunnels that is the state's No. 1 tourist destination. Visitors venture into the damp and dark just for a glimpse of another world and its inhabitants.

Of the 300 known caves in the Guadalupe Mountains, 120 of them are in Carlsbad National Park. Created by 500,000 years of dripping water, the caverns consist of 30 miles of vaulted halls and maze-like passages adorned with dazzling formations and colors of iridescent pinks, beiges and tans. The largest cavern, the "Big Room," is a colossal chamber that could fit six football fields and reaches as high as a 30-story skyscraper.

Aside from the grandeur of the cave, visitors also come to see the residents of the caverns ... bats. For 5,000 years, the Mexican freetailed bats have come soaring out of the cave each evening in search of night flying insects. If all the walking and hiking of the 75 stories of cavernous cave makes you hungry, an elevator will carry you from the cavern floor to the outside world in 58 seconds flat. However, if you desire to stay below ground a bit longer, the Carlsbad Caverns lunchroom is sure to satisfy your appetite.

6. Channel Islands National Park, outside Los Angeles, Calif.

Ever wanted to see an example of nature at its best - specifically, the sun basking on the beautiful islands of the Pacific? You don't have to travel far. Only accessible by boat, the Channel Islands are located 90 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. Consisting of 177 miles of coastline, these five islands; often referred to as "America's Galapagos;" are decorated with rocky cliffs, arches and beaches populated by 2,000 plants and animals, including sea lions and pelicans. One hundred and fifty of the animals found on the islands are found in no other place in the world.

Channel Islands National Park is considered one of the top destinations for scuba divers; its waters are also home to 17 different species of sharks, including the great white. But that threat doesn't stop the divers, who come from all over the world.

5. Mount Hood, Ore.

Since its last eruption 250 years ago, this beautiful, dormant volcano has been a paradise for hikers and skiers. A great combination of beauty and danger, Mount Hood is the second-most climbed peak in the world. During climbing season, you can expect roughly 200 people a day. These include skiers and snowboarders, who can take advantage of many of the mountain's slopes until the Fourth of July. With so many people climbing, skiing and playing in the park's 189,000 acres each year, it's important for everyone to be careful. The unique landscape of Mount Hood is especially treacherous. On the face of a glacier, it pays to be very careful. If you visit this area, use good judgment and proper equipment.

After a long hike or a day of skiing, make sure to visit the historic Timberline Lodge to rest and warm up. Constructed in 15 months and built in the height of the Great Depression, this lodge displays the handiwork of over 300 craftsmen.

4. Redwoods National Park, Calif.

As the oldest trees on Earth, the redwoods of Northern California the oldest living things on Earth, the redwood trees of northern California are the main attraction at this national park. What's most unique about this attraction is that you can experience two natural wonders in one place - the forest and the ocean.

Roughly 300,000 visitors come to Redwoods National Park each year to experience the grandeur of these giant trees. Coastal fog and cool, moist air keeps the trees damp, a perfect condition for their growth. The trees measure from 8 to 20 feet around and can grow as tall as a 35-story building. They live an average of 600 years, but some of the trees have been known to reach the ripe old age of 2,200 years old!

3. Yosemite National Park, Calif.

Nestled within the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Yosemite National Park greats nearly 4 million visitors each year. A glacier-carved canyon, Yosemite was the first territory in the United States set aside for public use. Filled with meadows, cliffs, waterfalls and forests, the park is also home to the fifth tallest waterfall in the world. With such beautiful attractions awaiting them, it's no wonder visitors come to the park year after year.

The best way to see Yosemite is on foot, as the park has over 800 miles of trails. However, this hike is not for the faint of heart. Yosemite ranges from 2,000 feet - about sea level - to 13,000 feet! The park's most famous attraction is Half Dome. Carved from granite by glaciers and millions of years of erosion, it stands 4,000 feet above the valley. Visitors can see Half Dome from Glacier Point, or they can hike to its peak in one day. Yosemite's second lookout, El Capitan, fondly known as "El Cap," is officially the largest monolith of granite in the world.

2. Yellowstone National Park, Wyo., Mont. and Idaho

As the first national park of the United States, Yellowstone covers over 2.2 million acres of the American West, filling it with spectacular mountain scenery, animals and endless natural beauty. But did you know that this park also lies on top of one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the United States? In researching the geological history of the park, scientists have recorded three major eruptions more powerful than any in the world's recorded history, and they all happened at Yellowstone. The eruptions toppled a mountain range and left a crater the size of the Los Angeles basin. Moreover, the volcano that sits underneath this beauty is still alive. But that little detail doesn't stop nearly 2 million visitors from coming to the park each year.

The main attraction at Yellowstone is none other than Old Faithful. As a result of the volcanic eruptions, 10,000 geysers and hot springs were formed and almost all of them are in Yellowstone; the most famous of these is Old Faithful. Reaching between 106 and 180 feet high, this fountain of steaming water erupts on a regular basis, expelling roughly 8,400 gallons of boiling, hot water.

Old Faithful is one of the main attractions at the park, but it certainly is not the only one. Herds of buffalo and elk roam freely in Yellowstone. Visitors also spot the occasional grizzly bear. Just as in any national park, there are safety rules to follow: hike with a group, never go near a bear and her cubs, and most importantly stay away from bear dens (caves).

1. The Grand Canyon, Ariz.

The Grand Canyon can stun anyone into complete silence. This natural wonder is so incredibly large, it's hard to believe a place of such enormity exists - even once you've seen it. The Colorado River started its work over 20 million years ago. The result, so far, is a 1-mile-deep, 10-miles-wide from rim to rim, and over 1 million-acres-long canyon. A magnificent example of erosion, the Grand Canyon was formed by water cutting through layers of rock for millions of years. The canyon's geological history is so long and complicated that geologists and Earth scientists still don't fully understand it.

One of the best spots to hike is along the rim. For more adventurous travelers, the Colorado River offers some rip-roaring whitewater rapids. In any event, visitors should be aware of the apparent dangers when exploring as there are no railings and protective barriers along the entire canyon. In many places, you can simply walk out and have a 400- to 600-foot drop below you. People who have climbed the Alps and hiked in the Appalachians will find the environment of the Grand Canyon to be quite different, and they should treat it as such.