Saturday, July 18, 2009

Disney world

Disney world the happiest place on earth where you keep your worries, and sadness behind and feel the excitement and fun of being over there. It’s a place where all your dreams come true. The cartoon characters which you always see in television they are all in front of you. Imagine how children’s feel when they meet their favorite cartoon characters Mickey Mouse, goofy, Disney princess like Cinderella, Snow white and others. The happiness and smiles on their face would be priceless. It all began with the smaller Disneyland in Anaheim, California in 1955, when Walt Disney decided to incorporate his cartoons and animation studio into a theme park. The concept of Walt Disney behind building Disney world was that people could leave their worries outside the park and the concept proved to be successful. The streets are clean, the colors are bright, the sights, sounds, and smells are pleasant ones, and everyone wears a big smile. Disney world is so big that you can never visit it in one day.
Disney world which can also be called the Magic Kingdom you will find different lands with lots of attractions. Those who have the courage and are brave enough can also feel the excitement and thrill of taking rides. Visitors will have to decide first which land to discover first. Adventure land, Fantasyland, Frontier land, tomorrow land, and of course, Mickey's Toon town Fair.
Fantasy Land
People who are fan of Disney cartoons Fantasy land is the right place for them, when they will enter the Sleeping beauty castle you will enter the world of fairy tales, magic and classic Disney style. There are lots of rides for children based on the concept of cartoon stories like Dumbo flying elephant, King Arthur’s Carousel, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. But keep in mind if your children are scared of villains of cartoons then avoid these rides because these villains can suddenly come near you without any warning. Sometimes it happens that you have to wait hours for your turn in the ride so if to avoid the waiting hit the area first in the day or late night when most of the families and children depart. Fantasyland is dedicated to the children who think wishing upon a star your dream will come true.
Frontier Land
People who are interested of being a cowboy he must wear his cowboy hat and guide his horse over to frontier land. Disneyland allows visitors to meet Mark Twain, explore with Tom Sawyer, and listen to some good old fashioned cowboy humor. The concept behind this area was that as the interest of Wild West life was increasing because of the television shows and movies visitors not only experienced the rides but also the entire environment of Wild west. Wagons crossing, pack mules and Canoes. Visitors to the original area could travel through the Living Desert, an area filled with bubbling pots of rainbow colored mud, riding on a stagecoach or wagon.
Mickey's Toon town
Mickey’s Toon town is a fun and lively area of the Disneyland Park, Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin is one of the admirable ride of Mickey’s Toon town which should not be missed. The rides consists of spins in the fantasy land story rides, The rides could spin in the either direction or visitors can also increase the spin of their rides if they like more adventure and thrill in their rides. There is a gadget coaster for children. Children can take rides of it because it is kids friendly. Children can also take a ride of Chip’n’Dale franchise Adults will not be able to take these ride because the cars of these rides are so small they cannot fit in these cars. Toon town does not have many thrill rides. Children can visit Mickey Mouse’s home and play in Chip’n’Dale’s Tree house. Children love going to the homes of their favorite cartoon characters .This area is less crowded as compared to the other parts of the land.

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  1. i would loveeee to visit this place...sounds so cool they seem to have entertainment for all age groups.......good work very informative!