Thursday, July 16, 2009

Romantic Vacation In China

Whenever you are looking for a romantic getaway for you and your significant other, you might want to consider selecting China for your next vacation spot.

In these days China vacations are becoming more and more popular because of the rich tradition and exotic culture that has been maintained in China for thousands of years. Though traveling to the historical places is a good reason to visit China, a couple can get romantic Vacations to revive the fire of their love and having at the same time a fantastic, mind-blowing vacation that will give them memories for a lifetime. China vacation packages come in a wide range you can choose from, however there is one offer that couples in love will go for more than most.

Whether you are looking for a destination to honeymoon or a spot to revive old love, China provides a lot of romantic hotels with features you would only expect to find in America or in Europe. There are China travel packages that offer a stay in the Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai. This great accommodation is only a twenty minute drive from International airport named Hong Qioa and provides beautiful views from over five hundred room and deluxe suites that were designed with the romantic vacation in mind. The hotel will offer the finest in service and quality and if you are mixing pleasure with business the hotel has state of the art catering services and conference rooms that will satisfy any business guest.
You and your special someone can also enjoy great shopping when staying at this hotel. It is located right in the middle of the shopping and commercial district.

Even if you just bundle up in your room and don't want to go out of the hotel, you are able to enjoy a few of the best dining experiences Shanghai has to offer. They feature six lounges and restaurants that are awarding winning with their mix of diversity of cuisine and culinary delights. They even feature a health spa where couples can work out together and a hot tub and pool to relax in after a hard day of discovering the attractions. A stay at the Ritz on China vacations can even offer great entertainment. The hotel is situated only ten minutes away from the Shanghai Museum and the Shanghai Grand Theatre.

There are China travel packages that may even include ground transportation and airfare to go along with your stay at the Shanghai Ritz. As you jet off to this romantic China vacation spot only your imagination would be the limit. The culture is so historical and rich that you will be astonished at the split between the modern and past architecture you will see around this vacation spot. There is one building that will be built thousands of years ago and preserved perfectly in the original cultural manner and the next building will look like a sky scrapper you could even see in New York.

So when you and your spouse sit down to plan your next romantic vacation, you should have in mind that china vacations can cater to your every whim. You are able to take in a distinct culture and experience historical places that are thousands of years old and at the same time you are able to bring your relationship together and have a stronger bond between you and your significant other.

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