Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sea World at Orlando

Just like Disney world and universal studio Sea world is another theme park of Orlando. It’s a place for people who love visiting places where they can see some sea animals like dolphins, whales, turtle’s alligators and many more. Mostly people love to see dolphins because they are the friendliest fish in the world that plays with you. Those who are dolphin lovers sea world is right place for them. Sea world gives them the opportunity to feed them. Sea world is the one of the most popular amusement park of Orlando. More than5.8 million people visit sea world every year. And it ranks as the 1number 12 in the world where you can experience the fun, excitement of all rides and also discover the life of ocean which inhabits them.
Just like other theme parks sea world is not divided into lands or sections there are some distinct areas within the park. One of the well known areas of Sea world is shamus happy harbor. It’s a play area for children where they can observe a killer whale. Shamus plays with the whale and show some tricks which everyone can enjoy. When the whale jumps you can imagine how it will feel. It’s so fascinating and interesting. There are also some family rides which can boost their fun time and give them some of sweet unforgettable memories for ever.
The water front which is the new section of sea world its theme is based on Mediterranean village. This section is for people who are crazy about shopping and eating .They can shop and buy some of the items that most attracted hem in the sea world .They could buy some decoration piece or a share to keep their memory alive. Whenever they will see it, it will take them back to the memories which they experienced during their visit.
Sea world has many attractions that a visitor would love to visit whether it is the ride(Kraken a floorless roller coaster, a boat ride with roller coaster elements, a junior roller coaster with cars themed as Shamu, Sky Tower, 400-foot tall rotating observation tower, Swishy Fishes, a teacups ride themed as fish) animal exhibit where you will go through underground tunnel and you can observe killing dangerous shark. Imagine a shark is front of you there is only a glass in between you and the shark is looking towards you how will you feel.
If you get a chance to visit Orlando don’t miss the fun you will experience in sea world. You sure will love it.

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