Friday, July 17, 2009

Blind Pass Beach in Florida

If you are looking for a romantic vacation Florida is the right place. Especially when it comes to couples where they can really enjoy Florida beaches is the best place for them. When you think about a romantic vacation you sure be dreaming how you would like to spend your time with your loved one. It may be a place where there is an oceanfront with strolls and picnic on the beach near it you would like a cottage or a luxurious penthouse to stay where you can dance in the moonlight and dine with your love one. You sure would be looking for memories that would remain with you forever.
Although there are many other beaches which may be counted as a romantic beach but one of the romantic beaches is Blind pass beach. It is at the north end of the island which is long away from anywhere .It also gives you the feelings that you are far away from the crowd; No one will be shouting .There isn’t any high buildings .Its place where you can relax, you can have a long walk ,you can enjoy watching sunset and spend all your time with your loved one.
There are also small cottages on the beach where any couple would love to stay. You can dance in the moonlight and dine with your loved one. Couples can also find some restaurants in the beach resort community. As there is not much crowd at the beach the couples who want to spend their time with each other they can also enjoy the food over there.
Lastly you will be just a short drive from Captiva. If you visit Blind Pass Beach you must not miss the chance of visiting captiva. At least you must save one day for walking around captiva. And most unique island experience in Florida. Sanibel and captiva are two sister islands which is a very special place and has many things to offer. You will not find any fast food chain or a shopping mall. It has many green spaces and its so beautiful that itself will attract your eyes. You can find some restaurants and if you are interested in reading or finding about the history of the island you can visit the bookstore. Some people come here after retirement to spend some time relaxing during the months of November through April. Some people dream of having a second home near a beach where they can enjoy the sunset, beach view walking on the beach and many more.The prices of these homes range half million dollar or above. There are also schools for children.So Sanibel and Captiva also counts in one of the romantic beach of Florida

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