Friday, July 17, 2009

Empire state Building

One of the famous places which tourists love to see is the Empire state building. It’s located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and west 24th street. The building comprises of 102 floors. It’s the 12th tallest building in the world. It stood as the tallest building for more than 40 years till the construction of world trade center. After the 9/11 attack on world trade center empire state building again became the tallest building of New York City. The Building is so tall that even in the stormy weather it is visible from anywhere in the city. The American Engineers name Empire state building as Seven Wonders of the World. Its architecture is one of the favorite of American society that why it was ranked number one.
It also makes a beautiful view for it surrounding building. It can be viewed who is standing far away from it. Any one walking at the street or a businessman when he is taking a break will love to stop and have a gaze of the building especially in the night when it is lightened with red blue and green light. The lights of the building also symbolize as the New York holiday decorations especially on Christmas and New Year.
Visitors are allowed to take a round on the 86th floor and they can view the whole New York City from the top. The 86th floor is named as the observation Deck. You can view the never ending view of the New York City. Visitors are also provided with audio tours and with binoculars. The cars parked on the street below look so tiny from the 86th floor. A view of the George Washington Bridge from the top is stunning. On a clear day visitor can have a view of country side about 80 miles far distance. Those who are interested to go on the top floor they need to pay some extra dollars and from there they can have a view of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. The people living a New York city can live there for all their life but once they should have a view from the top how big and busy the city is.

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