Friday, July 17, 2009

Statue of Liberty in New York

One of the great places where you can enjoy is statue of liberty. There may be some people who can think what to see about statue of liberty it’s just a statue but that’s not right. It’s a great place to visit. It was gifted to Americans by the people of France .The statue is a symbol of friendship, freedom and democracy. The statue is weaning a crown which has 25 windows which shows gemstones and the seven rays of the crown represent seven seas and continents of the world. She’s holding a torch and tablet in her hand.
First you will have to take the ticket of ferry where you can enjoy your ride .Weather also plays an important role. The cool breeze and rain adds in your excitement when you are having a ride on ferry.Ferry will take you near the statue where Visitors can experience a special insider's view .To better understand this monumental work of art, visitors can view inside the Statue through a glass ceiling, guided by a park ranger, an enhanced lighting and new video system. In addition, visitors can once again enjoy walking out onto the Statue's observation deck to see the panoramic views of New York City and the Harbor, and witness the Statue up close from her promenades on Ft. Wood.
To enter the monument visitors will be requiring a monument pass. Monument Passes are available in advance with the purchase of Reserve Tickets online at; a limited number of Monument Passes are available each day at the ticket booth by request on a first-come, first-serve basis. When on the island, the pass holders will be required of screening before going inside the monument. It may take some time.
Visitors can get chance to experience about the statue construction, learn about it history and also they can have view from the top of statue .if a visitor does not have any pass there is no need to worry he can enjoy by having a walk round the island, view interpretive waysides, listen to an audio tour (fee), eat at the restaurant, or by purchasing gifts from the gift shop

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